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About Us...

Couple, Quoc and Debbie Phan, initially started raising goats to help keep the grass down on their property; however, their absolute fondness for their goats has truly become a labor of love! 

The Phan Pharm, LLC is an extension of their desire to educate and share the Phun of their amazing animals through their Mobile Goat Petting Zoo.   

Their Mobile Goat Petting Zoo got it's kick start at a local festival in the Fall of 2015. The enjoyment felt by everyone who stopped by to pet and feed the goats, as well as converse with Quoc and Debbie, had them hooked!  They knew right then that this is what they were meant to do!

At this time they are also raising three miniature donkeys, all boys. "The Boys" have a tendency to be quite stubborn so they will not be in the petting zoo with the goats.

In addition to the petting zoo, Quoc & Debbie started a goat rescue on their Pharm, rescuing 13 total just in 2019. With donation efforts they are able to take in neglected, abandoned and abused goats and get them healthy so they can live the rest of their lives on the Pharm. 

Debbie and Quoc "Q" 

are a husband & wife team

who own and operate

The Phan Pharm, LLC and

Non-Profit Rescue